Thermus thermophilus


Giving a red card in the infrared, the thermophilus ferment combats IR-Aging. Thermus thermophilus was among the top four finalists in the 2014 Awards R & DC & T in the category Best New Ingredient.The Thermus thermophilus is a Gram-negative bacterium which lives and grows at a depth of 2000 m, with a temperature of 75 ° C, and 200 bars pressure. TheThermus thermophilus ferment derives from biotechnology.

Clinical studies have demonstrated the positive effects as an anti-aging active and it meets the expectations of a new generation of photo-based protection against UV radiation and protect IR. It seems to be, by far, the most complete active ingredient to combat photoaging. Prevents visible signs of photoaging (spots, wrinkles, dryness) Protects cell structures from UV damage. Enhances skin integrity.

Improves hydration via the protection of the mitochondrial integrity known to be particularly damaged by IR radiation (ATP synthesis and mitochondrial water content increased by 123%)

Lessens the inflammatory conditions (PGE2: -54%, IL-6: -53%, IL-8: -61%, vs IR-irradiated control)

Prevents the denaturation of matrix macromolecules in order to limit wrinkle formation (Collagen I: +70%, Fibrillin-I: +28% vs IR-irradiated control)


Albizia julibrissin bark extract and St. Paul's wort extract

The active Albizia julibrissin bark extract and St. Paul's wort extract ingredient has been recognized with the award for Best New component during the R & D R & D awards in Asia in 2013. The Albizia julibrissin bark extract and St. Paul's wort extract is the first cosmetic ingredient which demonstrates a visible lifting with anti-loosening action in the upper eyelids. It is a non-invasive alternative that will surely fulfill the desires and expectations of many women (and men) around the world. Based on dual-action approach, the Albizia julibrissin bark extract and St. Paul's wort extract treats the eye contour: It Removes the fold of the eyelid on top and reduces wrinkles in crow's feet on the lateral surface, enhancing the structure of the skin. It attenuates dark circles and reduce puffiness in the lower part. Clinical studies have demonstrated positive effects of Albizia julibrissin bark extract and St. Paul's wort extract, in the eye contour and the side surface, both of which have been correspondingly reduced with up to 61% and 91% after 2 months of treatment. Apart from this revolutionary action, the Albizia julibrissin bark extract and St. Paul's wort extract, visibly smooths wrinkles in crow's feet, reducing the mass (up to -34%) and depth (up to -33%); and attenuates dark circles, reducing the intensity of red (up to -32%) and blue (-30%) color.

Tripeptide KMK


Tripeptide KMK is a new highly efficient bio-mimetic peptide. It belongs to the family of peptides termed matrikines. Matrikines peptides are identical to fragments of extracellular matrix components. Therefore, they act as buffering agents and are able to modulate the activities of cells. The Tripeptide KMK stimulates the synthesis of six major structural components of the dermal matrix: collagen I, collagen III, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid, laminin, collagen IV and ensures better construction of tissue. Tripeptide KMK fills wrinkles from both the forehead and crow's feet for a visibly smoother and firmer skin.


Pre-activated source of energy: MG6P

Pre-activated source of energy: MG6P gives equivalent results with an injection of collagen and elastin fill from a plastic surgeon.

Pre-activated source of energy: MG6P was awarded with the Gold ingredient prize of competition from In- cosmetics in Paris for the year 2013

Pre-activated source of energy: MG6P a new bio-energy source to recharge skin beauty. A new active ingredient created by a peak patented process of green chemistry. It includes a pre-activated and safe source of energy: MG6P (methyl-glucoside-6-phosphate) to fuel cell aging. The proline and lysine play an important role in the production of collagen and elastin when the body is unable to produce its own. It is also a source of bio-energy, which can naturally spread to the skin, causing essential elements to the production of collagen and elastin. It shows high clinical effectiveness within 15 days, thus reducing deep wrinkles and visibly improves skin firmness. It reactivates collagens and elastin synthesis in the skin to rejuvenate senescent fibroblasts, providing them with an activated source of cellular energy. This leads to a rapid and sustainable production of collagen III, collagen I, Tropoelastin and elastin, which leads to a considerable improvement in skin texture, and reduces wrinkles. In just two weeks the Neodermyl gives equivalent results to a collagen injection of a plastic surgeon (-15% reduction in wrinkle depth).

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


It has antioxidant properties: Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant and prevents the antioxidant stress, which has a deleterious effect on the cells. It prevents the long reaction of oxygen molecules, thereby it also prevents the destruction of the cells around them, and hence the aging. As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E protects collagen fibers from the destructive effects of free radicals that lead to wrinkles, relieves dry skin and promotes softness.



Allantoin is well known for its keratolytic capacity. Is considered to contribute decisively to remove dead cells and keratinocytes from the skin, making the skin more smooth, bright and smooth. Allantoin has a highly moisturizing effect. It functions as a protective layer on the skin, maintaining its natural moisture.

Imperata Cylindrica (cogongrass) Root Extract


The Imperata cylindrica which is a root extract (Cogon Grass) is rich in potassium and therefore regulates the intercellular pressure to maintain the water content in the epidermis. It contains substances that support the phenomenon of osmosis inside cells, ensuring their good cooperation. Also contains substances that maintain the effect of hydration on the skin layer for a period of 24 hours.


Natural Glycerin


It is humectant and moisturizing: it attracts water and thus allows to maintain water on the epidermis. Our thick, smooth and non-greasy formula is absorbed from tissues of dry skin, leaving skin soft, smooth and beautifully moisturized.


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